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Types of Ghusl

Before religious rituals and prayers, Muslim adults perform a Wudhu, called ghusl. This complete body ritual, as compared to the partial-body ritual, wudu, is required for men and women to be considered pure in the body after certain acts like Intercourse, Masturbation & Periods. The entire ghusl body must be washed and rubbed properly to clean any impurities from the whole body. Here you can see the complete steps of how to perform ghusl.

Types Of Ghusl

Ghusl has Become essential for seven reasons, There are 7 Different Types of Ghusl, and each one has a different name:

  1. Ghusl Janabat is performed right after sexual intercourse or ejaculation & it’s necessary for both men & women.
  2. Ghusl Hayd is performed ghusl after periods, and it is for women.
  3. Moreover, Ghusl Nifas is done after vaginal discharge after giving birth, and it occurs for up to 6 weeks after birth; it is also for women.
  4. Ghusl Mayyit is ghusl performed on a dead Muslim.
  5. Ghusl Istihada is for women with irregular bleeding.
  6. It is the 6th Type of Ghusl, called Ghusl Mayyit; it is obligatory if one directly touches a dead body.
  7. The last Type of Ghusl is obligatory if someone take an oath

Steps to Perform Ghusl

Here you can see the complete Steps to Perform ghusl:

Before performing ghusl, make your intention to purify yourself:

  • Read Bismillah and wash your hands 3 times.
  • Wash Impurities from your body and private part.
  • Follow the Complete wudhu steps.
  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Rinse water 3 times in your mouth and allow water to get into your mouth, then spit it out.
  3. Rinse water 3 times in the nose.
  4. Wash face 3 times.
  5. Wash your hands 3 times; begin with the right arm from the fingertips to just above the elbow.
  6. Wipe head and ear with wet hands.
  7. Clean your feet 3 times.
  • Pour water 3 times on your right side of your body and then on the left side of your body, Rubbing yourself so that water reaches the entire body

Ghusl For Men

Ghusl for Men is Obligatory in these several conditions If they had Sex or masturbated. Another reason is that if someone touches a Dead Body or takes an oath, & Before Visiting Mecca they have to perform Ghusl.

How to Perform Ghusl after Masturbation

If Some men had Masturbation, they must do Ghusl because sperm touches their body, which is impurities. If they don’t do ghusl, their prayers are not acceptable Performing ghusl is the same step as you see in the Step of Ghusl Section.

Ghusl after Sex

Ghusl is necessary on men when they have sex with their wives. They have to do complete body purification and clean or rub impurities caused by ejaculation ghusl is mandatory before performing prayers.

Ghusl For Women

The Ghusl is the Cleaning of the whole body from impurities. Ghusl for women is necessary after intercourse, Menstruation, Periods, Child Birth & before adopting Islam. Also, if you are visiting Mecca, you have to do Ghusl.

How to Perform Ghusl after Periods

Jewelry & Cosmetics: While doing Ghusl, removes all kinds of jewelry, cosmetics, and anything which touches your body and becomes a barrier between your body and water. Remove Nail polish because nail polish water can’t touch your skin, and remove waterproof makeup.

Set your intention to purify: Clear your mind and ghusl while doing the ritual of ghusl and make it clear in your mind you are doing ghusl because you need to become pure.

Take a shower With Clean Water: Remove all kinds of clothes and jewelry and take a bath to make your body wet with water. Clean any impurities which had because of Intercourse, Ejaculation, or Periods.

Rinse your nose and mouth: Rinse water in your mouth 3 times and allow water to go into your mouth and spit it out. Rinse your nose three times and allow water to enter your nose, and spit it out.

 Wet Your Entire Body: Allow water to wet your complete body, Do these three, making sure every part of your body is wet.

Ghusl after Sex

Ghusl is necessary on women when they have intercourse with their husband. They have to do complete body purification and clean or rub impurities caused by ejaculation ghusl is mandatory before performing prayers.

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